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Frequently Asked Questions

How to earn money  from our website .

ALL what you need to do is completing offers from our OFFERWALLS Or  CPA/GPT offers , You will earn our website currency that called COINS , than you can exchange it to many gift cards and crypto rewards .


How to withdraw your coins or money .

Its easy like eating a cake , first step go here and transfer from Coins to main balance , last step go here and choose a payment method and withdraw , thats it .


How to adverse with us .

If you have an app , game or you want to do research and you want to engage more players , app installs or surveys visiters , we will help you with that through redirceting our website users to you , and our team will do the best to give you good quality and results. click here to create your first campaign or here for more info .


How much time it takes for payment requist to be completed .

We pay within 5 minutes to 24 hours as maxmum , if you did not get your payment within 24h please click here to contact us