GAMERS UNIVERSE is an online platform that has been operating since 2020. It was specifically designed for gamers worldwide, offering rewards for playing games and exploring new apps.

2. Partnership Opportunities with GAMERS UNIVERSE.

gamersunivers.com collaborates with companies seeking to advertise or test their games and apps. If you have an app or game that you would like to promote, simply click the contact button, and we will assist you in achieving your goal.

3. Our Mission 

Our platform offers a gamified promotion experience that benefits both advertisers and consumers. As a next-generation solution, our goal is to boost customer's user acquisition, revenue, and branding in a sustainable and secure manner. We achieve this by attracting and motivating high-quality users to engage with our products, whether it be through offers, surveys, or ads.

4. Other Branches

Gamers Universe has branches in different locations, offering Bein Rewards in Morocco and Adscoor in the USA.